BMF (Bad Mother Fucker) Is a Party Crew in RlC which was Founded by QnHoni_HS_RR_BMF and been in Operation for nearly 3 yrs in RLC. We offer a variety of Different Services,
As a party Crew, We also have an Internal Dance Team which is used for Special Events, such as Birthday Parties, Weddings, Stag Parties,
Special Charity Shows and Internal parties which we keep. We have just Launched our Radio Station where you can get your Services, or Products advertised on our Radio Station at a very low cost, (The Radio Station) we do different shows such as Round Table Talk & Hardcore Sex chat where people can come and share their views or discussed anything affecting them whether personal crisis or whatever is happening in RLC and it will be aired and is run by QnHoni_Hs_RR_BMF AKA HotSpice and xX_Juls_Xx_BMF who is BMF Radio Producer Assistant and Co_owner of BMF Internal Dance Team. There are many other events coming up which we are bringing into RLC. We offer Special Promotional Offer as well (need more information pm me via my social center or add me in skype at We also offer Hostessing Services and we have over 60 of RLC Best Sponsors on Board (and counting) with us and we do make Bullies ( for events) at a Reasonable and Affordable cost. BMF has only been around for not long but have achieved so many in the time we have been in RLC by bringing Fun and laughter to many. (Our Team/Party Crew and Dance Team has just been inducted into The Rockers Hall of Fame 2020).
BMF Radio Station will be going live on STV in RLC Keep viewing the site for more information..

BMF The definition is for us people are FREE to do whatever they want to do in the Party Crew there are no Obligations all we asked is respect for each other. We are currently recruiting but by interviews only! which is done by QnHoni_HS_RR_BMF pm me for details and if you want to become a Sponsor with us just get via my Social Center and I will provide you with all the information you need. Thank you for reading and welcome to Our World